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Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete

keikain in reborn_flashfic


Sorry for the incredible wait this time, guys! But, assignments for this month have been sent out.

If you have not gotten your assignment, get in touch with me and I'll re-send it asap. If you have trouble with your assignment or any questions, tell me as soon as you can and I'll bet you we can work it out.

A reminder that if you have not completed your fic in the last round, you'll asked to sit out for a round before being able to participate again. After you've waited one round, you're welcome to sign up again, but if you default a second time, we'll be asking you to complete at least one of the two fics you've defaulted on in order to participate again.

Also, for those of you who have not gotten fics, I have plans to arrange a back-up round, where others can pick up prompts from assignments that were defaulted on.


Um. Is it too late to sign up for this round now? >:
I'm afraid so. D=

But, sign-ups for next month's round will be going up in a couple days at most?
I'll go next month, then. Thanks! :D
U-uhm, sorry to trouble you but I haven't gotten my assignment...I saw there was an odd number of people. Does this mean I don't get to write one?
Ack! Sorry, it looks like I might have mis-sent your e-mail. It's been re-sent. X3 Thanks for checking up and so sorry about that.
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May 2008

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