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keikain in reborn_flashfic

[Sign-Up] April 2008

If you'd like to participate in the April round of reborn_flashfic, please review the guidelines, then comment to this post with the following:

LJ username:
Four characters/pairings:
Genres: (ie: drama, action, horror, comedy, etc)
Maximum rating:
Dislikes: (ie: Tsuna bashing, anime-verse, fics that involve the word cheese, PWP, etc.)
Optional prompts: (This isn't required, but anything from a word, an idea, to a quote to help your writer along if they're hitting a wall)

The deadline for sign-ups is April 1st and assignments will be sent out shortly after that.

A reminder to those participating in the current round, that your fics are due in less than two weeks!


LJ username: ansibs
E-mail: orokana_orokana@yahoo.com
Four characters/pairings: Yamamoto/Gokudera, Bianchi+Tsuna, Kusakabe, Mukuro+Chrome
Genres: drama, romance, angst
Maximum rating: sky's the limit anything you want
Dislikes: OOC, too much sap, overphilosophical, slapstick, overcomedy
Optional prompts: "wait, what?", clothes-shopping, "failure to communicate", rock n' roll
LJ username: bellumina
E-mail: kendrazero@aol.com
Four characters/pairings: TYL!Yamamoto/Lal, Lancia/Ken/Chikusa, Leviathan/Squalo, Mammon/Lal
Genres: Anything dark, introspective, philosophical, etc. would be wonderful. TYL is always fantastic. Really, I'm okay with anything except for PWP, parody, and not-well-done crack.
Maximum rating: R
Dislikes: PWP, OOC, parody, too much Tsuna.
Optional prompts: injury & insult, war all the time, innocence, it's all about the money

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LJ username: demoerin
E-mail: mintshaped@hotmail.com
Four characters/pairings: Mammon/Lal Mirch, Lancia, Bianchi, Tsuna/Yamamoto
Genres: drama, action, comedy, romance, AU, backstory
Maximum rating: NC-17
Dislikes: deathfics, gore, non-con
Optional prompts: Enormous blankets -- Honey from a rock -- In the spirit of sportsmanship -- Soft-spoken with a broken jaw -- "That is an utter abuse of the technique." -- Just like you said: If you leave my life, I'm better off dead -- Eskimo kisses
LJ username: luminamon
E-mail: cymric (gmail)
Four characters/pairings: SpannerTsuna (caving to fandom, orz), XanxusBel, DinoTsuna, Yamamoto
Genres: Drama, comedy, angst, romance, whatever?
Maximum rating: NC-17
Dislikes: The main thing is to keep their personalities in mind and avoid that whole OOC.
Optional prompts: learning, "I win", alternatives, "when in Rome"
LJ username: yamikakyuu
E-mail: kaolite26@yahoo.com
Four characters/pairings: Muku/Hiba, Dino/Hiba, Byaku/Mukuro, Hiba/Goku,
Genres: Anything but comedy (unless Dino's in it XD), drama, angst is good.
Maximum rating: Dont care
Dislikes: OOCness of any kind, AU, crack, (I really like characters how they just are.)
Optional prompts: Fever scene (epsc if you decide either 6918 or D18 ^^), we're gonna live forever, the final fight Ill win, when you let me drown

Edited at 2008-03-31 11:56 pm (UTC)
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