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[How This Works]

reborn_flashfic was created as a way for members of the Reborn! fandom to explore common interests and challenge their writing skills with pairings and characters they might not have had the chance to before.

How This Works

At some point near the middle to end of each month, a sign-up post will be put up by a mod. Members wishing to participate in that month should respond with the following:

LJ username:


Four characters/pairings:

Genres: (ie: drama, action, horror, comedy, etc)

Maximum rating:

Dislikes: (ie: Tsuna bashing, anime-verse, fics that involve the word cheese, PWP, etc.)

Participants do not have to sign up every month and being a member of the community does not obligate you to participate.

At the first of the month in question, the sign-up post will close and those choosing to participate in that round will receive an e-mail with their assigned request. Using the guidelines outlined in this request, they will have to write a fic of one thousand words or more about one of the characters or pairings listed in the request.

Once participants have received a request, it cannot be changed. They must write a fic, even if the characters or pairings listed are ones they hate (which, there being four to pick from, the moderators certainly hope this isn't the case). Part of the fun of this community is the challenge of writing something that participants normally wouldn't and seeing what someone does with their request.

Assignments should be kept secret, so try to keep it that way so as to not ruin the surprise when the fics are posted. Betas, while encouraged, should also try and keep to this.

On the last day of the month, participants should post their fics with the following header:






Author's Notes:

All fanfics should be spell-checked and edited, if not beta'd. If the fic is posted on another site or a personal writing journal, participants are welcome to link to it there as well.

If a participant is worried about their ability to post their fic on time, they are welcome to have a friend or the moderator (contact at the_first_shinigami_kender AT yahoo.com) post the fic in their name.

Should a participant not finish by the end of the month, they will have a one-day grace period to post it. If it is not posted by then, they will be removed from the next month's sign-up.

Making a Request

Every month, members are encouraged to sign-up at a monthly request post with four characters/pairings they'd like to receive a fic about. The moderators try to encourage participants to take note of the following guidelines when requesting:

- Try to be specific enough when requesting that'll you'll receive a fic you know you'll enjoy, while still giving the author room enough to be creative.

- Be sure to keep your request sensible and not use too much in the way of crack pairings and obscure characters. As interesting as it would be to request 'Verde/Mukuro, Lanchia/Iemitsu, Pantera, Birds' as your four characters/pairings, the person fulfilling your request will likely have a harder time writing something that they think you'll enjoy. Try to get a good mix of both major characters that interest you and minor characters and pairings that you'd like to read.

- If you know you'll be uncomfortable receiving a piece that involves things such as character death, Arcobaleno pairings, incest, fluff, non-con, smut, etc., be sure to make a note of it. The Reborn! fandom might be small, but it's not small enough to expect that anyone but your closest friends know what makes you uncomfortable.

Here's a few suggestions of genres that you might want to specify whether or not you'd like to receive:

angst, AU, backstory, bloodplay, bondage, character death, comedy, dark, drama, fluff, gen, gore, happy endings, het, horror, humor, incest, introspective, lemon, m-preg, non-con, parody, PWP, romance, songfic, yaoi, yuri

Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments here~ (And special thanks to lucindathemaid, whose guidelines were the base for this)


...I'm sorry, so in addition of requesting something, the requester also has the job of fulfilling someone else's request?
Ah, yes, that is correct.
I'm assuming that the minimum word count is 1000, am I correct?

and also, may I have the image used in the icon *bricked*
That would be correct!

XD This one? Sorry, I only have the Chinese scanlation version
QUICK QUESTION I just found this community today-- it says "the deadline for sign-ups is January 1st" for this round, and today is the first-- does that mean that today is the last day I CAN sign up, or did it close as soon as it struck midnight and turned January 1st?
As long as I haven't put up a notice saying assignments have been sent out, you're still welcome to sign up. ^^ And I definitely encourage you to!
A-AWESOME yay! ♥ I shall, then~ As soon as I can narrow down my choices to four! *darts off~*
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